Delivery and Services


A. Jakins & Sons Christmas Trees supply approximately 200,000 Christmas Trees to Garden Centres, Nurseries and wholesale markets throughout the UK.  Supplying this many trees to every corner of the mainland as well as Ireland and the Channel Isles within a 2 week period takes a lot of careful planning and precise execution.


Just over half of our trees are delivered on full pallets direct from the plantations in Scotland, Denmark and Belgium.  As with our suppliers we have a long standing, healthy relationship with our hauliers and as such, we are very much a priority of theirs during the Christmas Tree period.  This ensures that, barring forces beyond their control, our trees are always delivered exactly when the customer wants them.


The rest of the trees we supply come from the plantations to our yard in Silsoe, Bedfordshire.  Once they arrive the pallets are unloaded and placed in seperate rows so we can ensure good stock rotation.  Whilst on one side of the yard trees are constantly being unloaded, the other side is where we have 3 palletising machines that are continuously making up smaller orders into full pallets.  These pallets are then labelled so the customer knows exactly whats on them and loaded onto flat bed trailers.  Most of the loads have 2 or more drops on them so we are fortunate enough to have a very good relationship with a large local haulier who knows our business inside out.  His drivers know to follow our lorry plans exactly and this is why these deliveries are also very reliable.  Between these artic loads, our three 18 tonne rigids and two transit vans, we see somewhere in the region of 6,000 – 7,000 trees packed, loaded and delivered every day for nearly 2 weeks.

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Although we believe we are extremely efficient at minimising issues.  Whether it’s a quantity or a quality issue, as soon as we are informed we do the utmost in our power to resolve the issue to everyone’s satisfaction straight away.